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Life has it's twists and turns and this particular year I did almost no fishing at all. I only recorded one trip and that was it! There were no other trips this year even ones not recorded. I actually went fishing only once in 2005! Wow!

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Date: 05/13/2005
Time: 6 am - 1 pm
Location: Out of Solomons to the HI bouy area
Weather:  cloudy, 60*, a bit of a chop but no whitecaps
Water Temp/Cond:  Water temp was 59.5* and water was clean
Tide:  Falling tide mostly as the high was about 6 am.
Fish Caught:  8 striped bass, we kept our 3 fish limit of two 39" and a 34". Smallest fish today was the 34"

Believe it or not this was my first trip of the year. I fished with Virgil Poe and his brother Chuck aboard Lick-ad-Split. Great day on the water. We trolled a 9 line spread and had some pretty good action. At one point we had 3 fish on at the same time. That was fun! (I tried writing this report 3 times and lost it twice to the electric blinking off, I give up. Short report this time.)

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