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At some point in my childhood my dad and I began fishing together. I don't recall exactly how long ago it was when we got serious about our fishing, but by 1966 when I was 16 years old I began keeping a fishing log. What follows here is my fourth  year of record keeping -- the 1969 fishing log. I had graduated from high school in 1968 and all of the sudden had to work for a living, so my fishing forays were less frequent. This year's records are less verbose than the last years and I'm sure I took quite a few trips that never got recorded. In any case here they are:

1969 Fishing Reports

January and February 1969

Been fishing quite a few times since last entry. Have not had time to write. Fished the Seneca in January and got a few yellows. I think dad got a few pike the couple of times he went to Seneca. Fished Dundee from Game Fisher(Sears) boat I bought 2/27/69. It was snowing and raining. Didn't seem to cold on shore. Only lasted about 2 hours. Got about 6 bites in deep water way out from our duck blind. Got nothing fishing shallow water. Missed all bites and landed no fish. The boat floor cracked on this trip which was the first time it was used. I took it back to Sears and got a refund. Dad bought a 12' Smokercraft the next week. Looks like a nice boat. Also this month(Feb.) Dad and Stan fished the Wye River out of Snaitmans turning to the right and did fairly well on yellows. Got some nice size roe perch. One day they fished when it snowed all day long. Had their best day on that trip.

April ??, 1969
Loch Raven

I fished alone one day in April and I don't remember a darn thing about the trip!

Here's a pic of a bass of 4 lbs. + Dad caught at Loch Raven some time in April or May. I somehow missed recording that trip.



May 4, 1969
Loch Raven
TOTAL CATCH: 60 Crappies, one 3 3/4 pound 18" catfish

Some under the bridge and some in Schoolhouse cove. Sunny and hot. Trolling and jigging. Rick and Dad.

May 20, 1969
Loch Raven
TOTAL CATCH: a dozen crappies

Rick alone. Trolling in Goetzes Cove.

May 22, 1969
Loch Raven
TOTAL CATCH: 1 crappie

Dad alone. Trolling in Goetzes Cove. Fished off Schoolhouse point and sighted fish in 3-4' water near weedbed at this point.

June 15, 1969
Loch Raven
TOTAL CATCH: ?? crappies

Rich and Dad caught some crappies this day. Don't recall how many or where.

July 4, 1969
Loch Raven
TOTAL CATCH: Lots of crappies   

Rick and Dad caught a mess of fish.

August 31, 1969
Loch Raven
TOTAL CATCH: a dozen crappie

Rick and Dad in Goetzes cove