The Terrapin  Trail Club days...

Those were the days at the University of Maryland in the mid-70's! Most of what I remember about college revolves around memories of trail club trips -- backpacking, hiking, bicycling, rock climbing. I got involved with the Terrapin Trail Club almost the day I set foot on campus. I think I studied some and know for sure I managed to get my degree, a BS in Conservation and Resource Development, Fish and Wildlife Management, but college was all about Trail Club, plain and simple.

By the Spring of 1975 I was up to my ears in leading backpacking and bicycling trips and all club activities. I was elected Vice President of the club that semester. Took second seat to good ol' Celia Greenberg whose canoeing/caving contingent easily swung the election her way. But heck, being VP was fun and I was absolutely immersed in Trail Club, no matter what.

In the Fall of 1975 my good buddy Mark Trent and I taught a Free University Class in backpacking.

Almost every weekend I would be somewhere in the outdoors -- Shenandoah, Dolly Sods, Cranberry Backcountry, Appalachian Trail or the byways of the Eastern Shore on my bike. And almost always I was with a bunch of fellow Trial-clubbers. Gosh, they were some cool guys and gals -- Mark Trent, my best buddy; Bob Enagonio, my roommate for a while and resident meteorologist; Paulette Wood, a sweetie and Bob's girlfriend at the time; Eric Erbe and Linda (Locke) Erbe, an inseparable pair; Mark Garland; Doug Perkins; Dennis O'Neill; John and Bob Meiller; Sharon Lindauer; Clare Schoomer; Jo Smith, and last but not least, Darlene Rice, I married her eventually, but that's another story...

One of my passions has always been writing about my adventures. I don't claim to be a great writer, but I am prolific! I found the perfect outlet for my stories in the club newsletter, The Anteater. This little monthly rag was a wild collection of trip reports, tips, club news, satire, poetry and even cartoons. As time permits I'll post some of those goodies here for posterity. I wonder if anyone else on this earth has copies of the Anteater from those years. Here's what I've got in my collection:

NEW!! (Posted 2/14/2015) I recieved a bunch of ancient TTC newsletters and documents from the estate of Barry Chute (TTC President in 1967 and long time member of TTC.) I had a blast scanning them. Most of these newsletters and documents date before my own time at the U of MD. But I couldn't pass up the chance to include them here. So here 'ya go!

Above article is from the Diamondback dated October 6 1967. PDF link below.

Article from U of Md Diamondback Friday October 6 1967 about Trail Club Old Rag Hike.pdf

Directions to North Mountain Shelter 1968.pdf

Revised Trail Club Address List Spring 1970.pdf

Safety Suggestion for Outing Club Canoe Trips.pdf

Terrapin Ski Club vs Terrapin Trail Club Imbibition Challenge letter November 16 1963.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club 1975-76 Address List.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club 50 Year Reunion Address List published September 1988.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club address list date unknown.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club guide to local canoe trips.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club membership list 1969-1970.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club Officers Duties and Calendar for Fall 1967.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club Old Timers address list 1960-65 page 1.pdf

Terrapin Trail Club Old Timers address list 1960-65 page 2.pdf

Terrapin Trails 1965-1966 Edition October 7 1965 No1.pdf

Terrapin Trails Spring 1967.pdf

Terrapin Trails Volume 2 Number 3 Spring 1963.pdf

Terrapin Trails Volume 3 Number 2 Spring 1964.pdf

TerrapinTrails Volume 2 Number 2 Fall 1963.pdf

Terrappin Trails Volume 3 Number 1 Fall 1964 maybe.pdf

The Anteater Vol 1 No 4 Spring 1970.pdf

The Anteater Vol 3 No IV Spring thru Summer 1973.pdf

The Anteater Vol No 1 - Fall 1969.pdf

Trails -- Terrapin Trail Club News Spring 1968.pdf

Photo contributed by Grant Faller from TTC trips in the 70's - 80's
Grant Faller - Album 1

Old Rag Trip
Smokehole Canyon Trip March 1980
Hopeville Canyon during Halloween 1979

Grant Faller - Album 2
Trip to Maine 1980

Grant Faller - Album 3
Outhouse building trip to Paul Gerhardt shelter
Youghegheny Trip 1980
Old Rag Hike 1981

Jonathan Wright - Album 4
Misc trips
Halloween at Field House

Grant Faller, Jonathan Wright, Barbara Bullock - Album 5
Halloween, Senaca Rocks, Swimming Hole, Chesapeake Bay Canoe trip


I continued my involvement long after I graduated. In fact, some of us 'ol timers formed a splinter group in those later years we called FEATS which stood for Fortnight Exploring and Tramping Society. I don't know how long that little group continued after I moved away and was unable to participate. Any old FEATS members out there that could give me the scoop? Those were the days!

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From the 6/3/04

Climber Lived for Mountain Adventure
Enagonio, 48, fell 60 feet to his death in a crevasse in the Selkirk Mountains on Thursday while ski touring on the Deville Glacier in Glacier National Park. He and four male friends from Canmore were traversing from Battle Abbey to Rogers Pass when the accident happened. Enagonio, an experienced mountaineer who was in the lead,  noticed the crevasse and when he went to check it for the safety of the group, he fell.