Here's a little essay I wrote at the age of 15 looking back on the "greatest thrill of my life." Since then I've had a few more thrills, but this still ranks as one of the best.

Written by Rick Holt in 1965 (age 15)

It is a great thrill to catch the biggest fish of the day especially when the odds are against you. The chances were poor that day as I set out with my rusty old rod and reel. But I set out with all the determination I could gather. I got to my favorite spot and hurriedly baited the hook.

My first cast went out about 6 feet and splashed down into the water. Disgusted I sat down not really expecting to catch anything, when suddenly the rod was almost pulled from my hands!

Frantically I tried to wind the fish in but instead of the line coming in it was going out. The fish was taking it out! Instinctively I dropped the rod and began to pull the fish in by hand. After a fight I finally landed him -- a six inch yellow perch. The prize of the day.

Considering that it was the only fish I caught that day and that I was only seven years old, I think I can look back on that day as one of the greatest thrills of my life.

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